A one-stop shop for baby teeth

If you have (or are having) a baby, you’ll become familiar with the Newborn Enrolment Form introduced in 2012.

What you may not know is that by completing this form when your baby is born, five free health services are notified:

* General Practice
* Well Child Tamariki Ora
* National Immunisation Register (NIR)
* Newborn Hearing Screening
* Community Oral Health Service

The aim of the Community Oral Health Service (COHS) is to reduce the incidence of oral disease and improve oral health outcomes for children.

The first children who enrolled under the Newborn Enrolment scheme are now turning 12 months old and parents are being contacted for their child’s first Community Oral Health Clinic visit.

Being in the clinic with your one year old provides an optimum ‘educational moment’ where staff talk to you about eating and drinking habits of your child (even at this early stage) with the aim of enhancing the partnership around your child’s oral health care.

The messages are simple:

* Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste as soon as baby’s teeth appear
* Choose healthy ‘tooth-friendly’ snacks
* Drink water and milk (put baby to bed with a story – NOT a bottle)

We look forward to seeing you and your baby in one of our clinics.