Baseline / Health Survey

In order to understand the current picture of the Nelson Marlborough community a baseline survey was conducted measuring attitudes, beliefs and behaviours relating to nutrition and physical activity as well as general health issues in the population aged 16 years and over.

This baseline survey provides basis for comparison to measure the progress of the programme and direction of changes in the population over time.

There are several existing national surveys looking at nutrition and physical activity though none have an adequate sample size or depth of regional information required for this programme.

Baseline survey (full report)

Baseline survey (summary)

Health Survey 2011 (full technical report)

Health Survey 2011 (summary)

Health Survey 2011 (key comparisons 2008-2011)

Top of the South health statistics

• 76% eat an adequate intake of fruit, national average 59%

• 58% engaged in at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on at least five of the previous seven days, national average 51%

• 78% eat breakfast every day

• 55% eat their main meal at home

• 59% have not had a fizzy drink in the last week

• 70% have takeaways less than once a week

• More than 11% and 7% respectively are walking or cycling to work or school

• 32% state time as the biggest barrier to being more active, followed by road safety 29% and health problems 26%

(From NPA Regional Baseline Survey 2008)