Active families

Active Families is a free year long personalised programme for ages 5-18 years. Monthly visits are held with the family; within the first month goals for the child/young person are established.

The aim of the Active Families programme is to provide support, educate and encourage families to set goals for lifestyle change and physical activity in children and young people as it introduces the child and family to appropriate, affordable and sustainable activities.

The programme has been developed to address the issues of childhood obesity and other health problems which would benefit from physical activity through realistic goal setting, ongoing support, encouragement and education.

Children are referred to the Active Families programme by self referral or through schools, health professionals who feel that the child’s health would benefit from more physical activity in the family setting.


The focus of Active Families is to help children, young people and their families lead more active lifestyles. Support of family members and/or friends is crucial to the success of this programme – especially for younger children who rely on family to provide physical activity opportunities. Families areencouraged to be actively involved and support their children to lead a healthy active lifestyle.


Once referred, visits are held either at the Sport Marlborough office or the family’s home. The initial visit is about relationship building, establishing that the family really wants to make some positive changes and discussing current activities the family is involved in. Opportunities to increase physical activity at home or in the community are reviewed e.g. sport, active transport, playing with friends, being active at home and school. The Active Families Advisor helps the child to set goals and write a plan of attack!!!


Active Families Advisor visits the family once a month. They follow the child or young person’s progress, offers continued support, additional physical activity ideas and resets goals.


A child or young person who can independently sustain their increased physical activity levels.

For further information please contact:

Victoria Greenwood-Loose, Active Families Advisor, Sport Marlborough, ph: 03 577 8855 ext 3, email: