Open Orchards

Want to know where to find wild figs? walnuts? olives?

Well here’s your guide to harvesting a free feed. We’ve put together this local map of over 500 fruit and nut trees where you can go and help yourself.

Please note:  This map was last updated in July 2011 and it is not planned to update it in the future.

Click on the map.

open orchard map image

NPA’s growing

We believe in free food for all forever! To help make it happen, we’ve worked with Waimarama Community Organic Gardens Trust and other community groups to plant over 200 fruit trees in 14 different open orchards. We haven’t finished yet either.

It’s part of our strategy to combat one of New Zealand’s biggest killers – poor nutrition. We’ve also been working with local primary schools to establish life-long healthy eating attitudes. We’ve worked with over 50 local primary schools and early childhood centres, helping them build vegetable gardens to use as a hands-on teaching resource and kitchens so kids can learn how to prepare basic meals.

Ed Kiddle and his neighbours in the Woodstock Reserve open orchard

Ed Kiddle and his neighbours in the Woodstock Reserve open orchard

open orchards railway reserve

Three boys from the home-school group planting feijoas in Neale Park


open orchards2

Planting apples and citrus trees in Frenchhay Drive Reserve

open orchards

A young family digs in to help plant feijoas in Neale Park