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Recipes: Beef

    Meatballs Recipe Image


    A fun change from the usual meatballs and sauce. Stuff tortilla wraps with meatballs and salad for a tasty dinner or serve as bite-sized nibbles with dipping sauces.
    Beef and vegetable stew Recipe Image

    Beef and vegetable stew

    A warm hearty stew for those cold winter nights
    Lebanese- style Meat Sticks Recipe Image

    Lebanese-style Meat Sticks

    Great for the summer Barbecue, serve with a creamy dipping sauce
    Mince Patties Recipe Image

    Mince Patties

    Patties can be frozen in containers before cooking – layer them with tin foil between and place in a container and freeze. Thaw before cooking. (Makes 12 big patties)
    Simple Sizzlin' Stir Fry Recipe Image

    Simple Sizzlin' Stir Fry

    A colorful dish with a selection of your favourite vegetables – YUM! An ideal recipe if you need a fast nutritious meal for the entire family.
    Home made burgers Recipe Image

    Home made burgers

    Save money by choosing to prepare home made hamburgers.
    Grilled steak sandwiches with barbecued onion sauce Recipe Image

    Grilled steak sandwiches with barbecued onion sauce

    The steak can also be served in a bun, over mashed potatoes or in a French stick.
    Kebabs Recipe Image


    Involve the family, children love to help prepare this versatile dish.
    Shepherds Pie Recipe Image

    Shepherds Pie

    Keep the kids smiling with a good old fashioned shepherds pie – YUM
    Beef and Red Wine Stew Recipe Image

    Beef and Red Wine Stew

    great for those cold winter nights, serve with rice or mashed potato
    Healthy meat loaf Recipe Image

    Meat loaf

    Try this versatile meatloaf recipe, the children will love it. Leftover slices can be used in a sandwich for the lunchbox the following day.
    Mince Baskets Recipe Image

    Mince Baskets

    Serve with a green Salad or favourite seasonal vegetables. Try adding Chilli Beans for extra taste
    Mince pie Recipe Image

    Mince pie

    All ingrediants can be frozen, and reheated again. So any left overs can be eaten at a later date
    Burgundy- style beef stew Recipe Image

    Burgundy- style beef stew

    A great dish for winter, serve with rice or mashed potato
    Savoury mince Recipe Image

    Savoury mince

    An old family favourite. Thats both quick and easy to make.
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