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Recipes: Chicken/Duck

    Honey glazed chicken Recipe Image

    Honey glazed chicken

    This tasty chicken recipe is perfect hot or cold. Serve on a bed of steamed rice with a selection of seasonal vegetables or salad.
    Thai Style Chicken & Pumpkin Curry Recipe Image

    Thai Style Chicken & Pumpkin Curry

    Easy to make delicious Thai style dish. The chicken and fish sauce can be left out for a vegetarian dish.
    Simple Sizzlin' Stir Fry Recipe Image

    Simple Sizzlin' Stir Fry

    A colorful dish with a selection of your favourite vegetables – YUM! An ideal recipe if you need a fast nutritious meal for the entire family.
    Spring vege slice Recipe Image

    Spring vege slice

    This Spring Vege Slice is a great side dish to cooked chicken or fish
    Chicken Casserole Recipe Image

    One Pot Chicken Casserole

    Nothing is better than a dish that only requires one pot!
    Marinated Chicken Pieces Recipe Image

    Marinated Chicken Pieces

    Marinades add flavour to chicken and other meats.
    Chicken Satays with Peanut Marinade Recipe Image

    Chicken Satays with Peanut Marinade

    Quick, easy and tastes great. Serve with green salad or seasonal vegetables and rice
    Kebabs Recipe Image


    Involve the family, children love to help prepare this versatile dish.
    Baked Chicken Nuggets Recipe Image

    Baked Chicken Nuggets

    Makes approximately 30 Nuggets
    Chick 'n' Veg Bake Recipe Image

    Chick 'n' Veg Bake

    Encourage the whole family to help prepare this versitile dish. Serve with a green salad or on its own.
    Avocado and smoked chicken pasta Recipe Image

    Avocado and smoked chicken pasta

    A quick and easy way to make delicious pasta
    Comforting chicken and vegetable soup Recipe Image

    chicken and vegetable soup

    A tasty chicken soup filled with a variety of vegetables – enjoy with fresh crusty bread
    Savoury mince Recipe Image

    Savoury mince

    An old family favourite. Thats both quick and easy to make.
    Savoury Chicken Salad Recipe Image

    Savoury Chicken Salad

    This makes for a light meal or filling snack. Left over roasted chicken can be used. Don’t feel as if you need to stick to the recipe, add your own favourite seasonal vegetables to this dish to really spice up the taste.
    Boil Up Roast Duck Recipe Image

    Boil Up Roast Duck

    This is a fantastic recipe to keep those ducks tender and moist, but preparation is the key – you will need to start cooking the day before you wish to serve.
    Butter Chicken Recipe Image

    Butter Chicken

    A creamy indian dish thats full of flavour but low in fat
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