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Recipes: Fish/seafood

    Crumbed Baked Fish Recipe Image

    Crumbed Baked Fish

    A healthier way to enjoy that kiwi classic, fish and chips
    Fish Pie Recipe Image

    Fish Pie

    Variations: Add other vegetables like courgette, carrots, celery or fresh fish.
    Salmon patties Recipe Image

    Salmon patties

    Here is an real easy recipe for a very fulfilling snack or meal. Some canned fish will make the patties then add some colour by steaming 2-3 different vegetables to have on the side.
    Kedgree Recipe Image


    A Great tasting, healthy meal that can be served at lunch or dinner. Both quick and easy to make
    Steamed mussels Recipe Image

    Steamed mussels

    Add herbs, garlic and lemon based on own personal reference.
    Fish Chowder Recipe Image

    Fish Chowder

    This is a meal that could be served at lunch or dinner. Can be served with a bread roll or garlic bread
    fish with garlic and herbs Recipe Image

    fish with garlic and herbs

    A great way to add a kick to that fresh fillet
    Warm Potato and Salmon Salad Recipe Image

    Warm Potato and Salmon Salad

    This is a great dish for those summer BBQ’s.
    Mussel Chowder Recipe Image

    Mussel Chowder

    Serve with a little sour cream and sprig of parsley. Great for those cold winter months
    Fish supreme Recipe Image

    Fish supreme

    Feel free to change or add your own selection of favourite vegetables
    Salad Nicoise Recipe Image

    Salad Nicoise

    This fashionable but easy to prepare salad will reflect the fresh wonderful ingredients that the summer months bring.
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