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Food truths

Did you know that
-Sausages are supposed to contain 50% fat free meat…..
-Sausages in Australia and UK have less salt than in New Zealand
-Bacon should be 16% fat-free meat protein, approx 90% meat.
-We consume almost four times the healthy requirement for salt
-pump injecting of salts and gums is common in poultry, read the ingredients
-Salt is the major factor in increasing blood pressure. Raised blood pressure is responsible for 62% of strokes and 49% of coronory heart disease…………
-Most salt is obtained from processed foods

Weight Loss Tips
-  Have a good breakfast. It increases the rate you burn calories as well as fueling your body for the morning.
-  Hunger and tiredness send similar messages, rest if tired.
-  Brush your teeth after meals, makes you less inclined to snack
-  Many people eat when they are thirsty. Try drinking more water.
-  Treats and rewards should be non food items.

Health Tips
-  Margarine contains healthier fats than butter
-  Salt and salty products = high blood pressure
-  85% of the salt in our diet comes from processed and commercial foods
-  A healthy breakfast improves your memory and concentration levels
-  Plan your weekly menu, involve the family, using this site for a healthy family and a healthy budget

-  Dont go shopping when you are hungry
-  Plan your weekly shopping list and stick to it even if you shop daily
-  The average Kiwi spends more on sweets than fruit!
-  All the healthy and necessary foods are around the perimeter of the supermarket

Fast foods or Home made ?
-   McDonalds fries $24.58 kg 180gms fat
-  Watties Chips $3.00kg 40gms fat

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