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Recipes: Snacks/Sides

    Beans on toast Recipe Image

    Beans on toast

    Fast, tasty and filling. Great for breakfast, lunch or a snack.
    Stuffed Potatoes Recipe Image

    Stuffed Potatoes

    Stuffed Potatoes are great as an afternoon snack, lunch or a side dish to any main for dinner. Try something new and fill with baked beans or spaghetti along with your other favourite fillings.
    Pancakes Recipe Image


    Great for Breakfast. Serve with your favourite seasonal fruit ie. Strawberries or Blueberries
    Pikelets Recipe Image


    Place sliced banana between 2 pikelets to make a yummy after school snack
    Popcorn Recipe Image


    Homemade popcorn makes for a healthier alternative to store bought brands and the kids will love to help prepare this one.
    Easy Fruit Bread Recipe Image

    Easy Fruit Bread

    This recipe is a quick and easy way to make bread- a great way to fill up the kids.
    Banana Bread Recipe Image

    Banana Bread

    A good afternoon snack
    Savoury Pinwheels Recipe Image

    Savoury Pinwheels

    You can eat pinwheels with a salad for lunch, as an after school snack or with soup for dinner.
    Pumpkin Muffins Recipe Image

    Pumpkin Muffins

    These make for a savoury- sweet tasting muffin that is full of flavour
    Scones Recipe Image


    These can be served for morning tea, with soup at lunch, or in place of bread at lunchtime.
    Sultana Loaf Recipe Image

    Sultana Loaf

    A great alternative to plain bread. Great for lunch or an afternoon snack
    Fruit Smoothie Recipe Image

    Fruit Smoothie

    fantastic after school snack
    Spring vege slice Recipe Image

    Spring vege slice

    This Spring Vege Slice is a great side dish to cooked chicken or fish
    Vegetable Fritters Recipe Image

    Vegetable Fritters

    A great way to get the kids to eat their daily serving of Vegetables. Quick and easy to make. Can be served with sweet chilli or tomato sauce.
    Toasted Sandwiches Recipe Image

    Toasted Sandwiches

    Toasted Sandwiches are an ideal snack or quick meal on the run. Some fillings work well cold in the lunchbox. Grated cheese goes further than sliced cheese. Recipe from The Great Little Cookbook
    Blueberry Muffins Recipe Image

    Blueberry Muffins

    Quick, easy and tasty
    Fruity Muffins Recipe Image

    Fruity Muffins

    These muffins are great for an afternoon snack
    Pumpkin Chunks Recipe Image

    Pumpkin Chunks

    This makes for a great side dish that can be served with any main.
    Potato Wedges Recipe Image

    Potato Wedges

    This is a great alternative to store brought chips. Serve with a little sour cream or sweet chilli sauce
    Apple Cinnamon and Bran Muffins Recipe Image

    Apple Cinnamon and Bran Muffins

    A good mix of sweet and spice
    Smarter Sausage Rolls Recipe Image

    Smarter Sausage Rolls

    Homemade Sausage Rolls have the same savoury taste as store brought ones, but less fat
    Wedges Delishimo Recipe Image

    Wedges Delishimo

    Homemade wedges are a healthier alternative to store brought brands. Serve with sour cream, sweet chilli or tomato salsa.
    Tomato Salsa Recipe Image

    Tomato Salsa

    Tomato Salsa is great served with corn chips, crackers or vegetable sticks. As an alternative to mince or beans use Tomato salsa as a topping to Nachos
    Vege Sticks Recipe Image

    Vege Sticks

    Vegetable Sticks are a great afternoon snack for kids. Serve with dip or tomato salsa to add flavour
    Guacamole Recipe Image


    Serve with vegetable sticks or on your favourite nachos
    Seedy salad Recipe Image

    Seedy salad

    A nice alternative to the traditional lettuce salad
    Red Coleslaw Recipe Image

    Red Coleslaw

    This is a quick and easy coleslaw to make that is great sereved at any summer BBQ
    Ratatouille Recipe Image


    This is an extremely versatile dish that can be made with your own favourite variety of seasonal vegetables
    Broccoli Salad Recipe Image

    Broccoli Salad

    Great salad for those summer BBQ’s
    Fruit Salad Skewers Recipe Image

    Fruit Salad Skewers

    The children will love experimenting with different seasonal fruits for a tasty treat or sweet. Fantastic for those summer BBQ’s.
    Green Bean and Tomato Salad Recipe Image

    Green Bean and Tomato Salad

    A great summer salad
    Savoury Chicken Salad Recipe Image

    Savoury Chicken Salad

    This makes for a light meal or filling snack. Left over roasted chicken can be used. Don’t feel as if you need to stick to the recipe, add your own favourite seasonal vegetables to this dish to really spice up the taste.
    Chocolate Brownies Recipe Image

    Chocolate Brownies

    A sweet tasting brownie that does not contain the extra added fats, oils and sugar. Yum
    Mango Lassie Recipe Image

    Mango Lassie

    A refreshing summer drink that can be used for breakfast or snack
    Rice pudding Recipe Image

    Rice pudding

    A tasty quick and easy milk based dessert, serve warm in the cooler months or chilled with fruit during the warmer months
    Autumn Plums and Apples Recipe Image

    Autumn Plums and Apples

    Use this recipe to make a crumble, a smoothie, muffins – or just pop them in your lunchbox. Try this delicious variation of stewed plums for dessert.
    10 Minute Bread Recipe Image

    10 Minute Bread

    The perfect bread recipe for anyone who has a busy life.
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