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Recipes: Soups

    Leek and Lentil Soup Recipe Image

    Leek and Lentil Soup

    A very Hearty soup, Great for those cold winter days
    Vegetable Chowder Recipe Image

    Vegetable Chowder

    Vegetable chowder is an easy and tasty vegetable soup. Use seasonal vegetables which you have grown to create a unique homemade soup.
    Tomato Soup Recipe Image

    Tomato Soup

    Hot soup is great during those cold winter months. Served with toast or bread rolls
    Corn Soup Recipe Image

    Corn Soup

    Use the left over chicken from the night before to make a chicken and sweet corn soup
    Potato and Curry Soup Recipe Image

    Potato and Curry Soup

    This is a surprisingly light soup, that is great for a winter meal.
    Quick Minestrone Recipe Image

    Quick Minestrone

    yummy served with fresh crusty bread
    Pumpkin Soup Recipe Image

    Pumpkin Soup

    During the Autumn months pumpkin soup makes for a nice change to your more traditional vegetable soups
    Fish Chowder Recipe Image

    Fish Chowder

    This is a meal that could be served at lunch or dinner. Can be served with a bread roll or garlic bread
    Mussel Chowder Recipe Image

    Mussel Chowder

    Serve with a little sour cream and sprig of parsley. Great for those cold winter months
    Comforting chicken and vegetable soup Recipe Image

    chicken and vegetable soup

    A tasty chicken soup filled with a variety of vegetables – enjoy with fresh crusty bread
    Crockpot pea and ham soup Recipe Image

    Crockpot pea and ham soup

    A warm, hearty soup for those cool winter months
    Crimson Soup Recipe Image

    Crimson Soup

    A great meal for those cold winter days
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