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Recipes: Vegetables

    Tomato Soup Recipe Image

    Tomato Soup

    Hot soup is great during those cold winter months. Served with toast or bread rolls
    Oven Baked Potatoes Recipe Image

    Oven Baked Potatoes

    Drizzle with a little butter and serve as a snack or side to any main
    Microwave Baked Potatoes Recipe Image

    Microwave Baked Potatoes

    These are quick and easy to prepare. Can be made as a healthy after school snack for the kids.
    Stuffed Potatoes Recipe Image

    Stuffed Potatoes

    Stuffed Potatoes are great as an afternoon snack, lunch or a side dish to any main for dinner. Try something new and fill with baked beans or spaghetti along with your other favourite fillings.
    Sunshine Salad Recipe Image

    Sunshine Salad

    This is a great way to add some colour into your meal. Great for those summer BBQ’s
    Beef and vegetable stew Recipe Image

    Beef and vegetable stew

    A warm hearty stew for those cold winter nights
    Pasta sauce Recipe Image

    Pasta sauce

    Serve on your own choice of pasta or on the base of your homemade pizza dough. Try adding other herbs to add to the taste.
    Eggplant with ginger and sweet soy Recipe Image

    Eggplant with ginger and sweet soy

    Great on the BBQ or grilled served with rice
    Sunday Roast Vegetables Recipe Image

    Sunday Roast Vegetables

    Try a sprinkle of lemon pepper to really add to the taste.
    Pumpkin Chunks Recipe Image

    Pumpkin Chunks

    This makes for a great side dish that can be served with any main.
    Potato Wedges Recipe Image

    Potato Wedges

    This is a great alternative to store brought chips. Serve with a little sour cream or sweet chilli sauce
    Tofu Vegetable Stirfry Recipe Image

    Tofu Vegetable Stirfry

    This is an Easy and versatile tofu vegetable stir fry recipe. Vary the vegetables and seasonings to meet your own taste.
    Healthy Boil Up Recipe Image

    Healthy Boil Up

    Create a meal full with flavour, using a single large pot. Great when extra people call in, add more vegetables.
    Comforting chicken and vegetable soup Recipe Image

    chicken and vegetable soup

    A tasty chicken soup filled with a variety of vegetables – enjoy with fresh crusty bread
    Wedges Delishimo Recipe Image

    Wedges Delishimo

    Homemade wedges are a healthier alternative to store brought brands. Serve with sour cream, sweet chilli or tomato salsa.
    Vegetable curry Recipe Image

    Vegetable curry

    A tasty way to get lots of vegetables into one meal. Alternate taste through adding your own list of favourite vegetables.
    Crazy corn Recipe Image

    Crazy corn

    A healthy afternoon snack, thats quick and easy for the kids to make.
    Tomato Salsa Recipe Image

    Tomato Salsa

    Tomato Salsa is great served with corn chips, crackers or vegetable sticks. As an alternative to mince or beans use Tomato salsa as a topping to Nachos
    Vege Sticks Recipe Image

    Vege Sticks

    Vegetable Sticks are a great afternoon snack for kids. Serve with dip or tomato salsa to add flavour
    Guacamole Recipe Image


    Serve with vegetable sticks or on your favourite nachos
    Green and orange stir fry Recipe Image

    Green and orange stir fry

    A fun and colourful salad that the kids will love to make
    Nachoes with vege sticks Recipe Image

    Nachoes with veges

    A great recipe that the kids will love to prepare and eat
    Broccoli Salad Recipe Image

    Broccoli Salad

    Great salad for those summer BBQ’s
    Stir-Fried Vegetables Recipe Image

    Stir-Fried Vegetables

    Serve with rice. Add sweet chilli and soy sauce for extra flavour
    Green Bean and Tomato Salad Recipe Image

    Green Bean and Tomato Salad

    A great summer salad
    Tomato and Corn Salsa Recipe Image

    Tomato and Corn Salsa

    Make the most of seasonal vegetables with chutneys, relishes, and salsas. Great for nachos, tacos, wraps, as a dip with vegetable sticks or on the side with kebabs.
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